DPs, Gaffers & Lighting folks...

Our portable fluorescent lighting system was created to take with you anywhere in the world. Pampalite cases are manufactured in military ABS, strong enough to check as luggage, and have onboard universal power. No assembly is required at your final destination. Just plug and play. Hear what Fernando of HotShoots has to say.

The Pampa2 & Pampa4 come fully loaded with universal power, combination baby/junior gimbal and an easy plugin dmx option. Both of these units are designed to be paired into light banks for maximum light output. Lighttools soft fabric egg crates provide precision lighting control and make these units the top choice for lighting professionals.

Our new Pampa-Snap was manufactured for the ENG / Documentary user. The two lamp heads are joined as one, with the same rugged construction, in110v or 220v. The Pampa-Snap is versatile and allows you to create 2 separate lighting units with the addition of Pampa2 cases for storage.

PAMPALITE.COM is stepping up customer service to provide you with online support from anywhere on the globe. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any technical questions or concerns.

A call for Distributors
Pampalite is seeking dealers for distribution in North & South America. If you are interested in these amazing products please send us your information and you will be contacted directly.

Pampa at NAB 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada USA April 12, 2007
Visit the Cinemills Booth C9013, April 16th - 19th, at NAB and ask for Peter Daffarn and Mike Perry to view our line of products. •  Pampalite