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The Pampalite shell is molded from tough ABS plastic with a rubberized, non-slip surface.

The Pampalites use dimming 55 watt compact fluorescent lamps mounted in carefully designed curved reflectors to give a very bright, even light output. These are supplemented by individually adjustable reflective barn doors, which can be reversed to give a matt black surface, or removed completely either separately or together. These doors are fitted with diffuser clips both sides. There are also fabric egg crates available in a choice of angles to further control light output.

VERSATILE MOUNTING The Pampa2 & 4 can be mounted at almost any angle by means of the universal head. This head combines a ball and socket with a detachable connection to engage a receiver mounted on the shell of the lamphead. Each Pampalite is supplied with one universal head and two receivers, but up to two more receivers can be fitted for increased versatility and bank mounting of lampheads (see below).

UNIVERSAL HEAD Featuring a ‘double detent’ click-lock for quick, easy and safe engagement to the shell, this head fits to 16mm (5/8”) pins and 29mm
(1 1/8”) hollows.

BANK LIGHTS TOGETHER Pampalite heads can be linked together in a variety of ways to form light banks. They are connected by ‘click-lock’ brackets, which interface to standard grip components, allowing both small and large banks to be constructed easily and quickly.

UNIVERSAL OPERATION Pampa2 & 4 will operate on any AC power supply from 90 - 130v or 200 - 260v automatically, protected by a quick reset
circuit breaker. Heads can be linked for power and dimming to simplify set up and control.

DMX512 OPTION 4 A DMX512 control kit is available to interface with DMX dimming systems. It is housed entirely in the head.

STORAGE SHELL The Pampalite storage shell is a useful storage and transit device. The lamp tray can hold extra lamps cushioned in foam. It hinges open to reveal accessory storage. The universal head is carried in a ‘click-lock’ receiver and there is space for the mains and jump cables, and barn door leaves.

ADAPTABLE SHELL DESIGN  Lamphead and storage shells share the same shell profile, just a simple lock-swap and two heads, or two storage shells, may be connected for transit. So a four light bank, for example, needs only three units – two units of two heads each plus a third made from two storage shells to carry the cables and universal heads.

EASILY MOVED, EASILY STACKED  Pampalite shells are molded from tough ABS plastic with a rubberized non-slip surface. All catches and fittings are recessed for protection in transit, and the catches are simple to use and are lockable. The Pampalite portable fluorescent light is easy to carry even when wearing gloves. There is simple and positive location of one unit to another for safe stacking, and a stack of units can be strapped to wheels for ease of movement.

If the worst should happen, every external and internal fitting on the Pampalites can be detached (the lamphead can be removed as a complete assembly) and the shell alone can be replaced.


  • Lamphead  half and storage half connected as a portable unit.
  • Set of lamps ready fitted to the lamphead ­ Osram DL5595 Lumiluxe de Luxe 5400K daylight full spectrum .
  • Removable/reversible reflector/matt barndoors with diffuser clips each side
    (2 on the Pampa2, 4 on the Pampa4).
  • Mains connection cable (choice according to location ­ see catalogue
    numbers) lodged in storage shell.
  • Universal head lodged in storage shell.
  • 2x receivers for universal head mounted on lamphead shell at the side and bottom (up to two more can be fitted as additional items ­ see catalogue numbers below).
  • Universal power supply for worldwide operation (90-130v or 200-260v autoswitching) integral with lamphead.
  • Local dimmer control.
  • Slave dimming control (when lamphead dimming control is chained from one head to another every local control will influence lampheads downstream on the chain, on a Œhighest takes precedence¹ basis).
  • Slave mains output for additional Pampalites  (up to 10 amps maximum current).
  • Overload circuit breaker with quick reset ­ no fuses required.